Academics and youths agree with Governor Koster’s issuance of a warning for Bali Arak Day.

The celebration of Hari Arak Bali on January 29th in Bali, initiated by Governor Wayan Koster, aims to revive Bali’s cultural traditions, protect and utilize Arak Bali within cultural and regulatory boundaries, promote sustainable local economics, and educate about the proper consumption of Arak Bali, while emphasizing its positive benefits and discouraging excessive drinking.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation Promises to Facilitate the Marketing of Arak Bali in the International Market

Governor Wayan Koster’s diplomatic efforts in promoting Arak Bali and Bali’s traditional woven fabric (Kain Tenun Endek) received positive support and recognition from international institutions, including the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), which promises to assist in marketing Arak Bali as a high-quality local product, aiming to strengthen micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and improve […]