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Ida Ayu Puspa Eny – Iwak Artisan

Ida Ayu Puspa Eny (Dayu) took the word Master Blender to
another whole new level. Iwak’s journey to excellence began
in the selection of our raw material. Blending 3 different
types of palm saps from different parts of Bali (Borassus
flabellifer, Cocos nucifera, and Arenga pinnata), Iwak Arumery
offers a unique taste profile that represents the best the
island has to offer.

After years of research and development, Dayu has perfected
a distillation method that can yield the optimal balance of
flavor and purity by determining the right cut that obtains
the smoothness and richness of the hearts, while leaving
the impurities carried by the heads and the tails of the
distillation process. This blend of distilled palm saps is then
rested for 6 months to achieve the coveted smoothness we
all come to love.

This is when our infusion process begins. We take the
matured spirit, infuse them with a secret blend of fruits,
spices, and honey- age them for an additional six months,
before presenting them to connoisseurs like you.

I Wayan Darma – Palwana Artisan

“Good and best materials will produce impressive product
works” this is his philosophy in his work. Always together
with farmers, discussing and training to get the best
ingredients. Having an open mind and always innovating is
also a plus.

Made Adi Sanjaya – Wanara Petak Artisan

Our spirit of innovation and inspiration is not
only embodied in our Balinese Arak but also in
our Master of Blend himself, Made Andi
Sanjaya. Working closely with palm sap farmers
from the Karangasem, he’s developed personal
relationships with each and every supplier,
some of which are longstanding. As Made Andi
himself says, this absolute attention to detail is
”simply about maintaining the standard of care
behind the making of our Balinese Arak”

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